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Adisadel College

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Adisadel College, situated on a hill a few miles north of Cape Coast, Ghana, with breathtaking views of the Atlantic ocean, was founded in 1910, under the auspices of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG), an English missionary body tracing its origins to 1701. First called SPG Grammar School by the founders led by Nathaniel Temple Hamlyn, then Anglican Bishop of Accra, it had lost its missionary bindings by the late 1920s when it was renamed St. Nicholas Grammar school, adopting the friendly prelate from Myra, Turkey, as its patron saint.

The School moved from Topp Yard in Cape Coast, to its present site on a commanding hill near Adisadel Village in the 1930s. Tradition has it that the schoolboys, hearing of the monks of Buckfast Abbey, Devon, England, who had built their monastery with their own hands, determined to do the same, inspired by their Headmaster Alan John Knight, in an "epic in concrete", they proceeded to build on the hill what is now a boarding school with a population close to 2000, distributed into ten Houses.