About eDwaaso

eDwaaso is the digital mall for made in Africa Brands founded in 2012 by Anthony Semekor Fesu, a system architect who is passionate about promoting domestic trade in Ghana, there by strengthening the local Currency. eDwaaso.com is based on the premise that retailers can offer a deeper discount on goods and services if a larger group of people commit to purchasing the item or service. It's leveraging the old adage of "there's power in numbers" to give consumers a great offer, and offering retailers exposure to new audiences. For a deal to become active a certain number of users have to commit to it - if the number isn't reached in the limited time frame no one gets the deal.
Based in Sakumono,Ghana: our business engages Local Artisans by helping them display their wares online, by proving them with a storefront and excellent Sales services including but not limited to promotions, shipping and payment. Our influences are grounded in Technology viz a viz the Traditional Arts as well as other markets. We promote local production and domestic trading, thereby proving enough work to mitigate the global unemployment statistics. We work and recruit our talents locally: our workforce is diverse and gender balanced.We are known by several companies and have had interactions with several Government Agencies. Our Mission is to contribute to the success of businesses by ensuring customer satisfaction.